When you visit any place, the eateries are the very first thing you observe. The food makes the trip successful. You may have tried two or three cuisines in your house, but you plan to experience different foods from all over the world when you are planning your trip. The city Dubai loves to eat, as the restaurants in this city are full of foodies who are confused over choosing a wide variety of food. This city is a melting pot for the people as having people from all over the world with multiple cultures, also different cuisines.

The choices of a restaurant for the people in Dubai depends on several things like the taste, entertainment, and luxury environment. It depends on the people and their mood of cuisine whether they are wanting street food or lavish cuisine.

The restaurants in the opulent areas like Port De La Mer Dubai and Jumeirah Beach residence are more luxurious than the ones located in the older areas of Dubai.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Dubai


This is a great experience that one must do in Dubai, as it offers a wide variety of gourmet dishes ranging from tiger prawns to roasted lamb. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned with a beautiful look of glass windows and ceiling. The restaurant is modelled very decently, made in such a way to provide a perfect sunset view. There is a lounge for families and an indoor lounge. The food is delicious here with amazing sauces and toppings.


It is located at the Hyatt Regency in Deira, as it is Dubai’s only revolving restaurant, the value of this restaurant enhances. It offers an amazing view of Deira and Dubai, but also a very creative buffet consisting of international foods with an array of drinks, starters, main courses, and desserts. There is a reserved day for Emirati traditional food on Friday. These Arabic dishes include hot mezzeh, Ayshu Abu Laham ( Arabic variation of Pizza), fried mutton, and Al Harees and much more.


It offers an amazing seafood range. One may have an experience of eating the food with the fishes, as the restaurant is surrounded by a huge aquarium having multiple fishes. The restaurant has a lot of variety but usually serves Catalan cuisine that is served by famous Michelin chef Santi Santamaria. The restaurant itself portrays a very romantic theme, as the decoration is made up of silver and pearl. This restaurant can really lift your mood with its superb food and romantic environment.

Hakkasan was opened in 2011 and since then it has been serving great food with excellency in their professional service. The tables are so elegant and made with the rustic wood and Hakkasan’s signature oak latticework, set on the terrace among the lush greenery. They are serving Chinese cuisine, and the dishes are experimented to make them suitable for the UAE market. There is a large section in the restaurant for smoking cigarettes and cigars.


Another restaurant located at the Deira, and it offers a great culinary cuisine cooked by owners and the chefs Scott and Nick. The menu is creative and filled with tasty dishes that might confuse you while ordering, and the dishes are so creative and tasty that will surprise you taste buds. There is a glass wall and a big screen projection on the wall,  giving a live scene of the kitchen to satisfy the customers. The staff is polite and friendly, serves the food with their creativity, and will answer your every question.


It is a steakhouse, serving Argentinian grill and steaks. The master chefs cook the tasty steak till tender and juicy. Their creamy soups are the perfect compliment with their main course, but you should leave some space for their special apple tart served with vanilla ice-cream. You can also enjoy the music while having dinner and viewing the majestic sight of Burj Khalifa.

Dubai has indeed wondered, but this city was nothing if you see some years back. The dedication and hard work has truly worked out good for the city. It is now the biggest tourist attraction in the world, with its luxurious villas of District One Villas and Jumeirah Beach Residence Villas, the world is now acknowledged of how palaces and huge villas are made. People who love Dubai always try their different cuisines, as people here are from different countries, so it must include their cuisines to facilitate them.